Can I choose the preferable route to my destination?

Our drivers take the shortest route from the pick-up point to your desired destination. If for some reason you want to change the route feel free to mention that to the driver.

Who do I contact if I possibly lost my belongings in one of your cabs?

If you lost your personal belonging in one of our cabs fill out the lost & found form that you can access by clicking on the “LOST & FOUND” tab and we will certainly check if the item was found in one of our vehicles. We will contact you via email.

What payment options are available at Doyle’s Yellow Checker Cab, Inc.?

Upon completion of your trip, the driver will issue a receipt. You can pay for the trip in cash or by any of the major credit cards including Visa, Master Card and American Express. We will apply $1.00 credit card processing fee on top of the initial fare amount if you decide to pay by credit card.

Can my service animal travel with me in one of your taxis?

Yes, Doyle’s Yellow Checker Cab, Inc. will accommodate your service animal.

Can I schedule for a pickup in advance?

We are committed to understanding our customers’ urgencies and the importance of you arriving at your destination at a specific time, especially if you have to go to the airport, work, or doctor’s appointment. You can set a pick up a year to 30 minutes ahead of time. Our automated dispatch system will assign a driver 15-20 minutes prior to requested pick-up time to ensure that our taxi is waiting for you.

Why should I use Doyle’s Cab application?

In order to meet desired customer satisfaction Doyle’s Yellow Checker Cab, Inc. is constantly seeking technological improvement. Now even faster! You are just a few clicks away from booking a ride by using our Doyle’s Cab application. By using our app you can see which driver is picking you up, you can track the vehicle while on the way to your pick-up address, set up a ride in advance, and access the trip history. Also, we offer promotions and seasonal discounts for app-registered users.

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It makes it convenient to book rides faster, as well as access to coupons!

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